Celebrate Cayman
Active Citizenship Weekend


100+ Community Projects. 1 Weekend.
dd mmm 2019
Join your community. Transform your country.


What’s this about?

Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend is inspired by a growing global movement changing how people collaborate and interact with their communities. Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend is a national community service and impact initiative.

Residents and visitors activate 100+ innovative, thought-provoking ideas into social, environmental, and cultural one-time interventions.

The Cayman Islands is transformed in one weekend!

Transform Cayman

Residents and visitors across all 3 islands transform the community through hundreds of interventions: actions, events, or installations that inspire action and connection. The impact of Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend extends beyond 2 and 3 February. It inspires people to act and even support policy change, innovation, and transformation in their communities by scaling of temporary actions into longstanding projects.

The goal

  • 100 simple, low-cost, fun projects

  • Residents and visitors on all 3 islands become catalysts for change

  • Together, we showcase active citizenship, encourage distributed leadership, and build the Cayman that we want to see!

Project Categories

Areas of focus are:

Pineapple: Public Space Recovery

Turtle: Animal Welfare

Thatch Rope: Arts and Culture

Lion:  Health and Wellness

Waves: Sustainability (Environment and Ocean)

Stars: Solidarity (Community Engagement)

Motto: Religion and Spirituality

Project Principles

All projects must:

  • Inspire safe, legal, respectful, and inclusive actions that respond to community needs and make our islands a better place to live, work and play

  • Build and foster community networks

  • Be non-partisan and non-commercial

  • Have free participation
    An intervention is a people-powered act in which no fees or charges are to be collected, nor should a project be tied to commercially-driven activities.

Project Champions

Project champions are responsible for:

  • designing the project

  • creating and launching the project

  • funding the project

  • ensuring project is safe for you and participants

  • cleaning up the project at the end of the day

Celebrate Cayman

Celebrate Cayman will provide:

  • Project and Participating Organisation Promotion

  • Recognition

  • Guidance and Support

  • Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend unifying t-shirt and bag for participants

  • Highlight Media via citizen journalists

  • Participant Appreciation Party

Connections across the Community

Ultimately, we want that every person in the Cayman Islands and those that visit us to get involved with the Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend and feel a deeper and long lasting connection and appreciation for Cayman and its culture. This can also start a culture shift of national pride where we are a community of people who share the same love for Cayman and express that love through active citizenship.

Key Dates

1 February: Project Registration Opens: Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend project registration open 1 February - 1 March

February and March: Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend project brainstorming and planning

1 March: Project Registration Deadline: Submit projects if you want your project included in
Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend communications and promotions

1 March: Permit Deadline: Submit applications for road closures or public space usage

8 March: Participant Registration Opens: Residents and visitors can sign up to participate in
registered Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend projects from 7 - 30 January

5 April: Participation Registration Deadline: Last day for participants to sign up for
Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend projects

dd and dd mmm: Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend!


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