District Displays


The Cayman Islands National Museum has curated a mini exhibit focused on culture, history, and the story of the Coat of Arms that will be travelling throughout the Cayman Islands. The exhibit also includes special educational programming that is designed to encourage discussion, thought, and learning about the Cayman Islands identity.

Cayman Airways 50.png

What's more, Celebrate Cayman is partnering with Cayman Airways for the national airline's 50th anniversary for a fun, entertaining, community gathering on select weekends during the district display period.


The District Displays are open Wednesday to Friday (5-8pm), Saturday (2-6pm), and closed Sunday to Tuesday.

East End

East End Church Hall
12-22 September
Cayman Airways Celebration | 15 September | 4-6pm

North Side

Clifton Hunter High School (During school hours)
25 September-28 September

Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre
3-6 October
Cayman Airways Celebration | 6 October | 3-5pm

cayman brac

Heritage House
10-17 October (During Heritage House Hours)
Cayman Airways Celebration | 13 October | 3-5pm
(At Brac Autumn Festival Heritage Day)

Little Cayman

National Trust House
20-2 November

Bodden Town

Bodden Town United Church Hall
21-24 November
Cayman Airways Celebration | 24 November | 3-5pm

West Bay

West Bay Chapel Church Hall
20 - 23 February
Wednesday to Friday (6-8pm), Saturday (2-6pm)

*Schedule including dates, times, and locations subject to change