Celebrate Cayman
Active Citizenship Weekend
Citizen Journalist Registration

100+ Projects. 1 Weekend.
2-3 February 2019
Join your community. Transform your country.

Do you want to be a Citizen Journalist? We welcome everyone to capture and share stories from the Active Citizenship Weekend!
Do you want to cover projects and activities around your district/area/community to highlight and showcase the impact of this Active Citizenship Weekend?

Please use the form below. Based on the information provided, you can be designated as your district/area/community’s representative. You can contribute through photos, videos, articles, news reports, interviews and event reports, etc. Once selected, citizen journalists will receive information guidelines and other important information at the citizen journalism workshop in mid-January.

Please note that participating in the Celebrate Cayman Active Citizenship Weekend will be a volunteer activity and you will not be paid for your contributions. However, you will be receive a special, commemorative thank you gift package after the weekend plus exposure and experience of working for Celebrate Cayman.

Please register interest with us by using the form below to join the team of citizen journalists across the Cayman Islands.

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