A national celebration of our culture, history, and community as we commemorate the 60th anniversary of our Coat of Arms.


In 2018, the Cayman Islands celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Coat of Arms. This is an opportunity to commemorate this milestone in the history of the first national symbol of our three islands as well as what it means to call the Cayman Islands home.

It's a celebration!

To mark this occasion, there is a year‐long calendar filled with activities that are focused on engaging, educating, and inspiring youth; celebrating our diversity and encouraging connection; establishing a spirit of cultural community; and discovering the Cayman Islands’ colourful history, and engendering national pride.

More than a symbol

Using this opportunity to celebrate Cayman is important because the Coat of Arms is a visible representation of a critical juncture in the Cayman Islands’ history when the leaders and residents at the time collectively made decisions for our country which have proven critical to our prosperity and progress. More pointedly, in 1957 and 1958, there was a wave of change moving across the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands charted a course that made an indelible impact on us in the 60 years since and will surely continue to be in the decades to come.


Celebration for all!

It is our hope that every person in the Cayman Islands and those that visit us over the next year will interact with the Celebrate Cayman initiatives in ways that are meaningful to them, and as a result feel a deeper and long lasting connection and appreciation for the Cayman Islands and our culture.


We have an exciting lineup of initiatives and events planned for the year - some island firsts and others community favourites in collaboration with local organisations and associations.