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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in The Cayman Islands - Love For All Hatred For None!

  • George Town Town Hall 42 Fort Street George Town, George Town Cayman Islands (map)

Project Category:
Stars: solidarity (community engagement)

Project Description:
A) The inspiration for this project is to highlight the different communities that make Cayman Islands their home. There are over 100 different nationalities that belong to different faiths. All have; and should have the same desire to establish peace in a society which helps develop the country for a better future.

B) The proposal is to conduct an event in which faith leaders present a common theme which educates and introduces the topic of; My faith and Loyalty to our Country (The Cayman Islands). We can have members from the; Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Islamic (NOT LIMITED TO) perspectives present a brief lecture (15-20 min) on this subject.

This event will educate and build bridges of Love and Understanding for all faith groups that belong to the Cayman Islands. Instead of having walls built that divide us as a country we can help in building these bridges, so that the community understands that we do have our differences but we have many similarities. We all desire to be ONE as humanity needs. We can learn to have an understanding for our neighbors which will help in producing a progressive and peaceful environment for all its residents.

The event aims to explore the teachings and practices of different religious and philosophical traditions, with the hope that such mutual exploration will encourage better understanding and promote harmonious co-existence among the members of Cayman's cultural mosaic.

The event would strive to shorten the gap between diverse communities, and to demonstrate that we can live together in the spirit of acceptance, harmony and compassion.

The objectives of the event is to promote interfaith respect, harmony, inclusiveness and diversity. It inculcates mutual understanding and respect between different faith traditions and philosophies of the world. It promotes respect, harmony and cohesion among all people

Events like this are nothing new for our community as we are established in over 200 countries and hold inter-faith dialogue wherever possible. Personally, I have moved here from Canada and our community has been holding such events for the last 39 years, making this the longest running religious conference of its kind in Canada. I have worked directly with the team for 7 years and feel that this is a perfect avenue to help build bridges and break barriers.

Special Requirements: An open mind!