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Be the Difference: Each one, help one

  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman Cayman Islands Cayman Islands (map)

Project Category:
Lion: health and wellness

Project Description:
The project will be called 'Be the Difference' and is to address the problem of hunger and homelessness here in the Cayman Islands. Our community is small enough that we should be able to get to the root of this problem, on an individual basis. I believe we can peel away the layers of bureaucracy and bring this down to 'each one, help one'. Instead of food banks and big organisations where victims have to go to them, this approach will be simply one where individuals travel with small supplies in their vehicle that, as and when, they encounter a situation of someone being hungry, they simply hand them a bag of groceries. My idea is that appeals can be made by the churches to involve their membership. Ask each one to have a bag of food and toiletries in their vehicle at all times. As soon as they encounter someone in need, they simply hand them the bag of supplies, then refill and start again. If a church or organisation wish to provide the supplies to their members to distribute that would be encouraged. The idea is to meet the victims where they are, instead of waiting for them to come forward. Many people are reluctant or do not have the means to reach a central location. The also allows more privacy and a degree of anonymity.

Special Requirements:
Participants will need to have access to vehicles to be able to distribute the items.

Participant Eligibility and Accessibility:
This project is not appropriate for the following groups: Children (3-12 years), Teenagers (13-19 years), individuals with Special Needs (Mobility).